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Skin Boosters Training Package (2 Days)

Our 2-day Skin Boosters and Polynucleotides training package is perfect for Aesthetic Practitioners wanting to expand their repertoire of treatments and keep up with the latest trends in skin rejuvenation. On day 1 you will learn how to use a variety of skin boosters to improve skin hydration, fine lines, skin tone and elasticity. Your patients will benefit from smooth, radiant, and moisturised skin.

On day 2 you will learn how to use a variety of Polynucleotides to provide optimal results in improving acne scarring, fine lines, skin tone and dark under-eye circles. Your patients will benefit from increased elasticity, boosted collagen production, and hydrated skin.

During the course, you will learn how to select the right skincare and Polynucleotide products, how to administer treatments and injections, and how to care for your patients. Our expert aesthetic trainers use the latest products and teaching methods to ensure you finish the course ready to put your new skills into practice. Book in for our Skin Boosters training package today and add these popular new treatments to your repertoire.

  • Level

Intermediate / Advanced

  • Duration

2 Days

  • CPD

16 Hours

  • Fee



From our Courses


From our Courses

Dom Mullins

"Having done my research previously, I felt Derma Institute was the best aesthetic training company suited to help develop my skills as an Aesthetic Doctor. The level of expertise and professionalism I experienced exceeded my expectations. There was lots of hands-on experience I will be returning for the advanced sessions soon! - thank you Derma Institute team."

Practice on Live Models

After learning in depth knowledge of facial anatomy and the ageing skin, you can practice your new skills on live cosmetic models. All Skin Boosters and Polynucleotide treatments are closely supervised by our expert trainers who will guide you through easy to follow injection techniques.

Small Group Training

Practical work is completed in small group to ensure you get lots of hands-on injecting experience. You will learn how to treat a number of areas on the face and body to boost skin quality, repair tissue, restore moisture and restore firmness. Our typical delegate to trainer ratio is 4:1 giving you the chance to inject multiple models having a variety of Skin Booster and Polynucleotide treatments.

Expert Aesthetic Trainers

Our aesthetic trainers have many years of experience in skincare and injectables. Many run their own skin clinics and work as key opinion leaders for renowned aesthetics brands. Our team are here to share the knowledge and ensure you are confident to practice.

What You Will Learn

  1. Skin Anatomy
  • Anti-ageing and the skin.
  • The facial anatomy.
  • Latest skin rejuvenation trends.
  1. Aesthetic Skin Consultation
  • Managing patient expectations.
  • Key landmarks.
  • Facial mapping to improve injection accuracy.
  • Combination treatments.
  1. Skin Booster Theory.
  • Learn why better skin gives better anti-ageing results.
  • The importance of the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid for skin health.
  • Understanding how the skin ages.
  • Handling common skin rejuvenation complications.
  • A detailed guide on managing patients and obtaining consent.
  • Building skin boosters into a holistic aesthetic treatment plan.
  • Selecting the right skin care products.
  1. Polynucleotide Theory.
  • Learn why better skin gives better anti-ageing results.
  • Understanding the scientific principles of polymerized polynucleotides, their direct effectiveness in combating free radicals, and their significance in the processes of tissue regeneration and aesthetic improvement.
  • Handling common skin rejuvenation complications.
  • A detailed guide on managing patients and obtaining consent.
  • Adding polynucleotides into a holistic aesthetic treatment plan.
  • Selecting the right polynucleotides products.
  • Post treatment care
  1. Live Models Skin Booster Treatments.
  • Hands on injecting skin boosters on live cosmetic models for a variety of treatment areas.
  • You will focus on skin hydration, laxity, fine lines and holistic skin rejuvenation.
  • The course covers injecting techniques for a variety of skin booster products.
  1. Live Models Polynucleotides Treatments.
  • Hands on injecting polynucleotides on live cosmetic models for a variety of treatment areas.
  • You will focus on skin hydration, laxity, acne scarring, fine lines, tone and dark under-eye circles.
  • The course covers injecting techniques for a variety of polynucleotide products.
  1. Complications
  • Knowledge and understanding of possible complications or adverse effects and their management.
  1. Business & Employment
  • Advice on employment and business set-up options
  • Marketing and price structuring
  • Insurance and medical malpractice
  • Consent forms and protocols

What you will learn

What you will learn

Skin Boosters & Polynucleotides – 2 Day Training Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Skin Boosters and Polynucleotides training package is designed for medical practitioners. You can see a complete list of who we train here. We will ask for proof of your medical registration as part of our enrolment procedure.

Derma Institute have training centres across New Zealand in Auckland and Wellington. Internationally we have aesthetic training academies in the UK, Canada, Dubai, Middle East, and Australia.

Yes, you are covered under Derma Institute’s cosmetic indemnity insurance during the training course, and you can inject live patients under our supervision. Upon completing the course, you can take out your cosmetic indemnity insurance policy. We provide details of reputable insurers to all delegates.

We provide live cosmetic models for our practical training courses. All models are arranged by us to ensure you get lots of hands-on practical experience on real life patients. If you do have a friend or family member interested in having treatments during the training day, please let our team know and we can help them to book in as a model.

After the course, you will be allocated a clinical mentor whom you will be able to contact for advice. Our mentoring correspondence list will provide communication regarding new guidance, protocols, and aesthetic regulations. We also offer refresher, 121 and online training to further your skills and experience.