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Facial Mastery Certificate Training Course (1 Day)

Our CPD-accredited 1-day facial mastery certificate focuses on masterclass-level injection techniques for those looking to expand their skill set in complete face transformations. In this course, we teach cutting-edge dermal filler treatments, including tear trough, chin and jawline. Combining these techniques, we can achieve beautification (either masculinisation or feminisation) and profile harmonisation. Set yourself aside from other practitioners with this masterclass in facial contouring.

  • Level


  • Duration

1 Day

  • CPD

8 Hours

  • Fee

$3,150 NZD

Facial Mastery Certificate


From our Courses


From our Courses

Dom Mullins

"Having done my research previously, I felt Derma Institute was the best aesthetic training company suited to help develop my skills as an Aesthetic Doctor. The level of expertise and professionalism I experienced exceeded my expectations. There was lots of hands-on experience I will be returning for the advanced sessions soon! - thank you Derma Institute team."

Practice on Live Models

After learning in-depth theory and facial anatomy, you can practice your new skills on live cosmetic models. All injections are closely supervised by our expert trainers who will guide you using our easy-to-follow landmark based training system.

Small Group Training

Practical work is completed in small group to ensure you get lots of hands-on injecting experience. Our typical delegate to trainer ratio is 4:1 giving you the chance to inject multiple patients and practice a variety of treatments during your training day.

Expert Aesthetic Trainers

Our trainers all have 10+ years’ experience practicing and teaching medical aesthetics. Many run their own clinics and work as key opinion leaders for renowned aesthetics brands. Our team are here to share the knowledge and ensure you are confident to practice.

What You Will Learn

1. Anatomy

  • Facial anatomy of overall face and treatment areas:
    • Chin & jawline
    • Tear Trough and peri-orbital region including the neurovascular framework
    • Cheek area and mid-face
  • Facial proportions, female, and male facial structures

2. Pre-Treatment Assessment Process

  • Facial mapping and ratios
  • Selection of candidates for treatment, management of patient expectations, anaesthesia use, as well as patient after-care
  • Indications for facial beautification such as imbalanced facial proportions, volume loss, skin sagging, poorly defined chin, a disproportionate nose, etc
  • Assessment for contraindications in performing procedures

3. Tear Trough Filler

  • Differentiate tear troughs from pseudo tear troughs and learn how to approach treatment for each
  • Needle vs cannula technique selection for tear trough markers
  • Facial ageing especially around the peri-orbital region

4. Cheek Filler

  • Facial profiling
  • Masculinisation and feminisation techniques
  • Indications for cheek augmentation such as sagging cheeks, low or imperceptible cheekbones, weakened facial muscles, etc

5. Jawline Filler

  • Landmarks and micro-cannula techniques for jawline enhancement and beautification
  • Mandibular angle augmentation
  • Indications and contraindications to the jawline filler

6. Chin Filler

  • Indications for chin augmentation such as poor chin definition, a recessed or under-projected chin, an aging chin, or a dimpled chin
  • Chin lengthening, narrowing and protrusion
  • Contraindications to non-surgical chin augmentation

7. Injection Techniques, Instruments & Brands

  • Requisite knowledge of product selection through learning the different brands of suitable dermal fillers available on the market
  • Avoiding complications through safer injection techniques that consider angle and depth of injections
  • Micro-cannula and needle techniques

8. Complications

  • Knowledge and understanding of possible complications or adverse effects and their management, including the use of hyaluronidase enzyme to dissolve fillers should the need arise

9. Live Models

  • Carry out procedures on a live model patients provided by Derma Institute

What you will learn

What you will learn

Facial Mastery Certificate

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This course is currently unavailable - Please get in touch for more information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our lip filler masterclass is designed for medical practitioners with previous foundation training in dermal fillers. You can see a complete list of who we train here. We will ask for proof of your medical registration as part of our enrolment procedure.

Registered healthcare professionals (as listed on our who we train page) from around the world are welcome to register for the course. If you are travelling from abroad, we will ask for evidence of your registration when you enrol on the course. Every country will have different rules and regulations regarding aesthetic medicine, so we advise checking these before booking your course.

Derma Institute have training centres across the UK and worldwide. Our headquarters is in London where we teach courses every week. We also have UK training centres in Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. Internationally we have aesthetic training academies in United Arab Emirates, Australia and Canada.

Yes, you are covered under Derma Institute’s cosmetic indemnity insurance during the training course, and you can inject live patients under our supervision. Upon completing the course, you can take out your cosmetic indemnity insurance policy. We provide details of reputable insurers to all delegates.

We provide live cosmetic models for our practical training courses. All models are arranged by us to ensure you get lots of hands-on practical experience on real life patients. If you do have a friend or family member interested in having treatments during the training day, please let our team know and we can help them to book in as a model.

After the course, you will be allocated a clinical mentor whom you will be able to contact for advice. Our mentoring correspondence list will provide communication regarding new guidance, protocols, and aesthetic regulations. We also offer refresher, 121 and online training to further your skills and experience.