Following a fall in the volume of searches for aesthetics training during the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, it appears that the aesthetics industry has all but bounced back. The Aesthetic industry’s market has progressively grown over the past decade, with Botox procedures being the most widely requested non-surgical treatment in the UK. Whereas the demand for cosmetic surgery has fallen or remained static, in comparison, the market for non-surgical aesthetics has spiked in value, with current estimates projecting it to be worth more than £3 billion by the year 2024.

The increasing demand for aesthetic training is in tandem with the growth of the UK’s non-surgical aesthetic sector and in line with this, an innumerable number of UK nurses have received aesthetic training. Nevertheless, the demand is ever on the rise for this exciting and highly rewarding field. Thinking about a career as an Aesthetic nursing practitioner? Here are a few things you should know:

What attributes make for A Good Cosmetic Nurse?

As a registered nurse, you are already a preferred choice by many aesthetic clients due to your medical training and experience. The fact that you are familiar with the human anatomy and medical treatments comes in very handy in administering medical treatments that have the ability to significantly alter the patient’s appearance. However, in addition to your technical knowledge, the following ‘soft’ skills are also highly beneficial as an aesthetic nurse:

  • Effective communication
  • Ability to listen and show empathy
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to work in a team and build relationships
  • Ability to think critically

Ideally, you would have learned these transferable skills as a part of your time while gaining experience, before you become an aesthetic nurse.

What Is The Average Salary For An Aesthetic Nurse in the UK?

aesthetic nurse salary in ukThis would typically depend on whether you are self-employed or employed in an aesthetic clinic. The aesthetic nurse salary would equally be determined by what part of the country they are practising in. Generally, work positions in London pay higher than other places.

A full-time NHS Band 5 UK Nurse can expect a salary of £24,907 annually, after tax deductions. For an employed Aesthetic Nurse, annual remuneration can be up to £150,000 depending on the practitioner’s experience. For the self-employed aesthetic nurse, your work schedule and preferences completely determine your pay and which is poised to increase alongside your recorded business growth.

One great advantage of an aesthetic nurse practitioner is the flexibility of choosing your work hours, place of work as well as whether or not to be self-employed, depending on your preferences.  

Where Can I look for Aesthetic jobs for nurses?

AestheticNursing job opportunities are usually advertised online, via recruitment agencies, on Linkedin and also through individual clinics. Offline advertisements can also be placed in specialist publications. Job opportunities for aesthetics Nurses abound that are targeted toward trained professional nurses like you.

Another excellent way to keep abreast of Aesthetics Nurse jobs is through your professional network including your aesthetics training provider. Prominent training providers typically offer support, guidance and ongoing mentoring regarding employment or business setup post-training.

How To Become An Aesthetic Nurse in the UK

How does working in the aesthetic industry differ to the NHS?

Many health professionals working in NHS including nurses complain about too much bureaucratic bottle necks that hamper their ability to effectively carry out their jobs as well as taking away much of the joy of the practice. Limited patient contact time, constricted budgets, numerous targets and unrealistic deadlines are a few of the challenges that NHS nurses encounter daily.

This is different in the aesthetics practice which affords more control over the work schedules and is ultimately more satisfying. In aesthetics, treatments might be different from those encountered in the NHS, however, the principles of nursing remain unchanged.

Where Can I Attend training in  Aesthetics Nurse Course?

Aesthetics Training providers abound in the UK however, take care to choose reputable accredited ones that can provide the trainee with the thorough knowledge and practical experience that is invaluable as a beginner in aesthetics. Many trainees report finishing their training and yet not having enough confidence to begin treating patients. One good reason for this is the lack of adequate hands-on training experience.

At Derma Institute, our Botox and Dermal Filler training courses incorporate in-depth theory as well as practical demonstrations and injection training on live models under expert supervision. This is to make sure that a range of various aesthetic treatments including post-treatment care, safety and complications management are covered. Our delegates can be assured of continuing mentorship and support even after training, to be sure they get the right footing into the aesthetics industry. Our team will help students follow the steps of their aesthetic nurse apprenticeship.

Derma Institute’s Botox and Dermal Filler training courses with Dr. Firhaas Tukmachi and his team can be taken in our various locations in the UK as well as Australia and Dubai.

Are you a nurse interested in our cosmetic injectables training courses? Contact us today.

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